Fantacalcio I Consigli di MP In Primo Piano Le Rubriche Di Mondosportivo

Fantacalcio 2021/22: i consigli per la 22/a giornata

Fra dubbi e certezze (o presunte tali), ogni fantallenatore è chiamato a fare delle scelte nel momento in cui schiera la propria formazione. Mettere tizio in campo e lasciare caio in panchina può rivelarsi la scelta azzeccata o una mossa scellerata. Ci sono, tra l’altro, tante varianti da tenere in considerazione: intanto, bisogna sapere chi […]

I pionieri del calcio In Primo Piano Le Rubriche Di Mondosportivo

I Pionieri del Calcio – I due John Campbell

Campbell è tuttora un cognome molto diffuso in Gran Bretagna. E anche il nome John è uno dei più utilizzati. Accadde così che a cavallo tra la fine dell’Ottocento e l’inizio del Novecento ci fossero due John Campbell. Entrambi soprannominati Johnny, entrambi scozzesi. Questi due attaccanti fecero le fortune delle rispettive squadre, Sunderland e Aston […]


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Old eagle cut away Jordan – Matthewas Jordan Matthews’s third eagle trip is not smooth. US time Monday, the team officially announced that this old will take over. Matthews joined the eagle two weeks ago, and before I was signed two times two times. He started to fight the game before the battle, 6 times […]

Bundesliga Colonia Germania In Primo Piano Le Rubriche Di Mondosportivo Maurice Banach Pallone Noir

Pallone Noir – Maurice Banach, un sogno spazzato via

Un giovane bomber, salito alla ribalta dalla seconda divisione, sta conquistando tutti in Bundesliga con la casacca del prestigioso Colonia: l’approdo in Nazionale sembra il prossimo passo. Ma Maurice Banach non riuscirà a compierlo, per colpa di un tragico destino. Rincorsa Maurice Banach è un giovane e talentuoso attaccante. Nato a Münster il 9 ottobre […]


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2015-16 season eighth strength list The seventh week of the game, all the teams ranked first in the previous week did not rank out, although the New York jet and the Philadelphia eagle lost the ball, but the lost team is the team, wholesale cheap jerseys outlet new English Patriot and Carolina Black Leopard. Another […]


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The red scitch near the end of Carlson suddenly retired US time on Tuesday, Arizona’s rins, John Carlson, cheap china jerseys free shipping announced that the outside world was surprised. He said: “After deep thinking, my wife and I think this is the best decision, I am very fortunate to stay in NFL for 7 […]


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Pittsburgh steel man signed the player Hartley to save Pittsburgh Steelman announced the team on Tuesday on Tuesday, the team has signed with the Garrett Hartley. According to the wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport, the parties signed a one-year basis contract. Hartley will be the main player of the steel man to […]


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Wilson hopes that the new contract salary of $ 25 million? Quarterback Russell – Wilson (Russell Wilson) and Seattle Seahawks month has been kind enough to try to reach a new long-term contract recently. Monday, Wilson discussed his contract impasse in the ESPN show. When asked how much salary he felt his own worth, Wilson […]


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Strong union! NFL Grungy Skin into the “Fortress Night” game mall! NFL Professional Rugby Alliance announced to join hands with Epic Games! On November 10, Beijing, the NFL team’s skin will be officially released in the “Fortress Night” game mall! The NFL Professional Rugby Alliance announced to join hands with Epic Games, the most well-known […]


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“Buddha” Chen Weizhen connected to the new: Xiao Yi NFL China Promotion Ambassador On December 27, 2016, NFL US Professional Rugby Grand Union (China) officially announced that the artist Chen Weizhen, the artist of the Emperor, will serve its China promotion ambassador, promotion of NFL rugby movement in China. Richard Young, General Manager of NFL […]