Manifesto Editoriale di Mondopallone IT

Manifesto MondoSportivo

Origin was born November 15, 2011 as, on the basis of a previous project (, active between 2006 and 2009). Three founders (Alessio, Fabio and Pietro Luigi), and a dozen collaborators. But it was only the beginning.


The objective is simple and complex at the same time: to write about sports (football and not only) with attention, competence and a recognizable character; and, in doing so, avoid gratuitous sensationalism and style lapses, carefully treating those “niches” that generalist information fails to follow, and avoiding news that is not relevant. To give an example: gossip (in modern Italian gossip ), on the agenda even on national newspapers, in MP find space only in exceptional cases.

In addition to this, we want to be a gym for aspiring publicists / journalists: MondoSportivo is the right place to practice, learn, discuss; and above all to propose ideas that can be complementary / alternative to generalist information.

Style MP

No frills, as careful and careful as possible. Above all: written in Italian . Is a girl doing make-up prettier than one who is just putting on make-up ? Is cash worth more than trivial cash? A business makes more of a bargain? Is a meeting more interesting than a meeting?

We avoid unnecessary forestry: if kamikaze is untranslatable, goleador (Spanish) in Italian has always been a gunner . We do not need to try to give ourselves a tone, because we do not want to submit to the provincialization of the language.

And because a dignity, the Italian, already has it on his behalf. Our language wants to be immediate, simple but not trivial. Fruit not of hasty acculturation, but of knowledge and expressive richness.

Write without exaggeration: if everything is extraordinary, none is. During a season, the exceptionally decisive events are few; the rest is numerous, without being too memorable. Facts and news often speak for themselves, and we’re not here to convince you that our pots are the best.

Proudly niche

All follow the Serie A. We too : every week we announce the probable formations and then the officers, we provide chronicles and report cards of all the competitions, press conferences and rankings. With the special transfer market in addition, active in summer and in January.

All follow the national teams. We too : qualifications and competitions concerning Italy, but also the African Cup of Nations and national youth competitions.

All follow the European cups. We too : with the probable formations, official formations, chronicles and report cards of the races of the Italian teams, comments, results and classifications.

Many follow the Serie B. We too : chronicles of the games of cartel, presentation and report of each day of the championship.

Foreign football is treated by many. The Premier League, the Liga, the Bundesliga, the Ligue 1 are everyone’s prerogative. But Eredivisie, Greek Super League and Russian Premier League are just as well cared for by us; then there are also the Danish, Swedish, Argentine and Brazilian (plus the Copa Libertadores), Liga Zon Sagres, Austrian Fußball-Bundesliga, Swiss Super League and Scottish Premier League, with rankings and results.

But we … But we also follow the Lega Pro and the D Series, with rankings and results. And then also women’s football(Italian Serie A, B and C; French D1, Spanish SuperLiga, Frauen Bundesliga, plus national teams). And the Primavera championship. And we have sections for betting, statistics on Serie A and European matches, as well as sections on the history of football, and summer headings (such as “The pupil of …” and “The match of …”).

And the other sports? Approaching the second year of life, MondoSportivo broke away from green news, beginning to deal with NBA basketball (with a daily summary), engines (MotoGP and Formula1), rugby, cycling (with all the great stage races and the classic). In addition to the event collections, such as the Olympics.

* * * * *

This is roughly the figure of . The quality he tries to give off. The belief that we try to take root. Different information, but not low level. Sport as a vehicle of culture, editing as an aggregation of news, experiences and people.

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